Thank you all

Today marks the end of the 12-month intervention period for Flinders QUEST; with the hard work beginning for us at Flinders with the 12-month participant data collection in full swing.

The QUEST team would like to thank all practice staff (those in the Control and Intervention groups) for all your great work right from the start when we were recruiting participants through to the intervention practices providing the enhanced services for the 12 months of the trial.

It has been a wonderful experience for the QUEST team to work alongside practice staff as everyone has been very helpful and accommodating.

Our big mail out of questionnaires went late last week. To date around 400 of the approximately 1000 have been returned; which is a great result so far.

Only 600 to go! A big job but with your help (for the difficult to contact participants) we will get there in the next few weeks.

A key part of the data comes from Medicare. We won’t get these data until February / March next year so it will be a little while yet before we know the outcomes of the trial.

In terms of the final practice invoices, we plan to do these for each practice as the data collection for their participants in the trial wraps up. We are hoping this will be in late November / early December. The invoices take about one month to go through the accounts’ system at Flinders and so realistically it will not be until early next year (January) that the payments should be received by you.

A number of practices have received a visit from Sara (our qualitative researcher). Thank you for talking to her and sharing your perceptions about the trial and thoughts for improving general practice services for patients with high health care needs. This information is very helpful.

We plan to hold a final workshop for all practices (Control / Intervention) around the middle of next year where we will present the final results.

Once again a big thank you for your efforts and assistance on Flinders QUEST.


Marnie Joyce and Heilie Kwok counting all the returned 12-month questionnaires!