April 2019 Practice visits: Belair Medical

Belair Medical is located in the foothills of Adelaide and home to koalas and a nearby bakery with delicious bee sting cakes. Belair is one of our medium sized practices with 4 GPs and 64 participants taking part in the trial.

We had a great turnout at the meeting with 7 representatives from the practice (unfortunately Kym and Wendy had to attend another meeting so had to leave before our favourite part, photo time!).

Belair Medical is offering all QUEST participants 15-minute consultations with the practice nurse prior to the longer appointments (30 mins) with the participants’ preferred doctors. During the nurse consult, nurses have focussed on educating participants on how to better manage their health as well as keeping immunisations, care plans and past history information up-to-date.

Belair Medical has blocked out reserve appointments for each participating QUEST doctor so if a QUEST participant needs an appointment, they will be able to see their doctor on the same day. Doctors have found the spare appointments to be helpful as they are able to slot in participants very easily.

Kirsty (Practice Manager) has been keeping a very good track record of QUEST participants and informed us that 8 patients have had hospitalisations since the beginning of the trial – each of whom received prompt follow-up.

Belair Medical raised the point that not all their QUEST participants are availing themselves of the enhanced services on offer. This is to be expected given the specific criteria for entry to Flinders QUEST. Participants were identified on the basis that they could “potentially” benefit from the enhanced services. We didn’t expect that every participant would benefit in reality, despite the best efforts of practices to engage with participants.

Toni (our Flinders QUEST practice nurse) plans to visit with Belair Medical nurses in the near future to share some ideas for how practice nurses can contribute to the delivery of better care for QUEST participants. We encourage all intervention group practices with practice nurses to take advantage of Toni’s services.

Left to right: Prof Richard Reed (Chief Investigator), Dr Helen Roxburgh (GP), Ms Kirsty Tippett (Practice Manager), Ms Barbara Smith (Practice Nurse), Dr Leigh Roeger (QUEST Manager), Dr Serafim Dafillis (GP), Dr Lizzy Harvey (GP)

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