March 2019 Practice visits: Russell Clinic

On Thursday 28 March the full Flinders QUEST team visited our 7th intervention practice, Russell Clinic for a progress meeting. The meeting was well attended with four representatives from the practice.

Russell Clinic is located in Blackwood (very close to Flinders University) and is one of our medium sized practices with 6 GPs and 51 participants taking part in the trial.

Russell Clinic is implementing the four enhanced service components in a straightforward manner. The practice is also focused on providing additional preventative activity to QUEST participants. For example, Robyn (Practice Manager) is going through the list of all QUEST participants to check they are up-to-date with their flu vaccinations and care plans.

Practice staff at Russell Clinic are also receiving calls from Flinders Medical Centre to make appointments for patients when they are discharged. We are on the job to track down who is leading this good idea so that we can understand the procedure a little bit better.

During the meeting we discussed the 6-month survey which is scheduled to go out to participants at the end of April. Getting a good response rate to this is very important and we will be offering participants the option for completing the survey by mail, online or with a home visit.

We look forward to our next practice visit next week on Tuesday 2 April at Seacombe.

Left to right (standing): Dr Haydn Bunton (GP), Ms Robyn Hicks (Practice Manager), Ms Marcelle Woodman (Practice Nurse), Dr Leigh Roeger (QUEST Manager), Dr Heilie Kwok (QUEST Coordinator), Prof Richard Reed (Chief Investigator)
Seated: Ms Claudia Lumsden (Receptionist)

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