March 2019 Practice visits: Wirreanda on Wheatsheaf Surgery

On Thursday 14 March the Flinders QUEST team of Richard Reed, Leigh Roeger and Heilie Kwok visited Wirreanda on Wheatsheaf Surgery (WOWS) for our first on-site progress meeting.

Since the trial has begun, WOWS has grown in size and has welcomed two additional doctors on board. WOWS is located in Morphett Vale and is one of our medium size practices with 38 participants (child/young people: 4; adults aged 18-64: 18; adults aged over 65: 16).

At the progress meeting representing WOWS were the Practice Manager (Ms Kerrie Payten), Practice Nurse (Ms Marta Zan), Medical Receptionist (Ms Donna Kammermann) and Drs Lou Christodoulou, Charmaine Sargent and Michael Ludlow.

So that was the first highlight of our visit to WOWS. Meeting with the full team (Reception, PM, PNs and GPs) at the practice and seeing how well everyone has got on the same page about Flinders QUEST.

Like the other Intervention practices we have visited, WOWS haven’t experienced any difficulties incorporating the enhanced services into their routine system of care for QUEST participants.

We did learn a couple of things we hadn’t been aware of previously.

Apparently, on occasions, Flinders Medical Centre staff ring through to WOWS and make appointments for patients being discharged who require a follow-up GP appointment. This is a great service which could really make a difference to the critical transition from secondary to primary care. We will try and dig further into this to better understand how it is being implemented.

The other thing we learned was the difficulty that practices can experience achieving very high levels of appointments with preferred GPs when GPs in the clinic may work part-time. As a result of the discussion with WOWS we will tweak our measures to also look at proportion of appointments made to GPs in the practice.

We enjoyed an interesting discussion with practice staff about the potential benefits of the longer appointments and the follow-up appointments after discharge from hospital. The GPs gave us some food for thought about providing guidance materials for how we think these enhanced services could best be maximised for patient benefit.

The final highlight for us was the group photo. This was taken with a background of several paintings in the WOWS waiting room which had been painted by their GPs. We were subjected to a tough guessing game where we had to try and match the painting to the GP – naturally we got this entirely wrong!

Thanks to WOWS for a very enjoyable visit. Next visit (Tuesday 19 March) is to Chandlers Hill – we know that many of our Intervention group practices have been very interested to learn about how Chandlers have gone about implementing Flinders QUEST so look forward to providing an update next week.

Left to right: Dr Heilie Kwok (QUEST Coordinator), Prof Richard Reed (Chief Investigator), Ms Donna Kammermann (Medical Receptionist), Dr Lou Christodoulou (GP), Ms Kerrie Payten (Practice Manager), Dr Charmaine Sargent (GP), Ms Marta Zan (Practice Nurse), Dr Leigh Roeger (QUEST Manager), Dr Michael Ludlow (GP)

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