March 2019 Practice visits: Hackham Medical Centre

On Wednesday 13 March the Flinders QUEST team of Leigh Roeger and Heilie Kwok visited Hackham Medical Centre for our first on-site progress meeting.

Hackham Medical Centre is in Huntfield Heights and is one of the largest practices in the trial. Hackham has 83 participants (child/young people: 7; adults aged 18-64: 32; adults aged over 65: 44). It is primarily a bulk billing practice serving a patient population in a disadvantaged area.

At the progress meeting representing Hackham were the Practice Managers (Mr Zeeshan Khan and Ms Sue Daglish), Practice Nurse (Ms Belinda Blackstock) and Drs Navtej Pal Singh Sandhu, Edwin Lapidario, Muhammad Durani, Mahbubul Alam and Blaceline Costelo-Sayo.

QUEST participants have been relatively healthy since the beginning of the trial but Hackham doctors are gearing for a difficult flu season during the winter months.

Hackham are implementing the enhanced services for Flinders QUEST participants with a direct approach. All QUEST participants have been flagged in the practice system and are routinely offered double appointments with their preferred GPs.

Anecdotally we heard that patients are very positive about the trial and are feeling that they are receiving “better” services. Participants are not using their QUEST ID card as much as when the trial started but do remind practice staff verbally that they are QUEST participants.

Since the start of the trial, it is estimated around 20 participants have experienced hospitalisations. In these cases, discharge summaries were forwarded to each participant’s preferred GP who conducted the follow-up phone call.

It was great for us to catch up with the team at Hackham Medical Centre and to see the interventions getting implemented. The next practice visit will be at Wirreanda on Wheatsheaf Surgery on Thursday 14 March.


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