March 2019 Practice visits: Torrens Clinic

On Wednesday 6 March the Flinders QUEST team of Richard Reed, Leigh Roeger and Heilie Kwok visited one of our Intervention group practices – Torrens Clinic – for our first full team on-site progress meeting.

Torrens Clinic is located in Flinders Park and is one of the most northern practices in Flinders QUEST. Torrens has 45 participants (child/young people: 6; adults aged 18-64: 9; adults aged over 65: 30).

At the progress meeting representing Torrens were the Practice Manager (Ms Melissa Williams) and Drs Alan Forbes, John Tsavdaridis and Sheeper Ahmed. We heard that it was a particularly busy time for Torrens as they prepare for accreditation and coordinate renovations that are underway in their sister practice.

We mentioned to Melissa that we were happy to forward her a copy of the Flinders QUEST Ethics Approval for accreditation purposes (see indicator C3.6; 5th edition). If any other Practice Managers would like a copy of the Ethics Approval for Flinders QUEST please let us know by email to

Torrens Clinic are implementing the enhanced services for Flinders QUEST participants with a straightforward approach. Doctors are reserving a spare appointment each day for QUEST participants and staff are very confident participants will be able to see their preferred GP on the same/next day. According to Torrens staff patients need very little convincing of the benefits of seeing their preferred GP to promote continuity of care. This is very much patients’ strong preference.

Longer appointments are routinely offered for participants. Several participants with chronic conditions have pre-booked routine appointments (30 minutes) several months in advance so that their health conditions can be proactively managed.

Four participants have experienced hospitalisations since the start of Flinders QUEST. Melissa did the follow-up with them and none needed further GP follow-up. Torrens staff felt that generally QUEST patients had been remarkably healthy over summer, but they expect higher rates of health problems during the winter months.

GPs commented that the “QUEST ID card” has proved to be very popular with several participants reminding GPs of their new “special” status.

It was great for us to catch up with Torrens Clinic and very pleasing to see how the Flinders QUEST enhanced services have been able to be readily integrated into their systems of care. The next “cab off the rank” for a practice visit will be Hackham Medical Centre on Wednesday 13 March.

TorrensLeft to right: Dr Leigh Roeger (QUEST Manager), Dr John Tsavdaridis (GP), Prof Richard Reed (Chief Investigator), Dr Sheeper Ahmed (GP), Dr Heilie Kwok (QUEST Coordinator), Ms Melissa Williams (Practice Manager), Dr Alan Forbes (GP)

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