Team Care Arrangements and Flinders QUEST

Recently a QUEST participant contacted us with a query about his gap fees for an Allied Health visit which had occurred through a Team Care Arrangement (TCA). The gentleman believed that because he was participating in Flinders QUEST there would not be any additional charges (or ‘gap fees’) for his health care; including visits to Allied Health providers.

This misunderstanding seems to have occurred because in our trial materials we have stated to participants that there are no extra charges for taking part in Flinders QUEST. By this we meant the enhanced services that Intervention group practices are providing to their participants. We did not mean that that other health services the participant receives will be covered by us.

Can we ask that practices are careful with their Flinders QUEST participants when making referrals to other health care providers to ensure that they understand they may incur out of pocket expenses for these and that these are not a part of the Flinders QUEST enhanced services.

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